Larkin Small Photography | Family Session Information


How long is a Family Session with younger children?

First, you can get your kids (and yourself!) excited by telling them that "the nice lady is going to take photographs of you!" and then you can allow about an hour of session time.

The best way to capture natural, fun, and beautiful moments is to make space for them to happen!

What happens in a Family Session with younger children?

With younger children, the session flows naturally as we all say hello, I meet your kiddos and chat with them, entering a land of make-believe, listening to their stories. As this happens naturally, it becomes time for us to play with your kids!

The best sessions happen when you think of it as a time to have fun with your children in the world around you. I'm there to document it, move you into a few fun groupings for sessions with posed shots, and capture the love of your family.

I watch everyone, and am in communication with you, the parents, about everyone's energy levels as we go - it's a natural interaction! Sweet baby Jane might be done at 45 minutes, or she may have a bit more than an hour in her!

When the best shots have been taken, attention wanes and the wiggles start up, it's time to hug goodbye!

How long is a Family Session with older children & teens?

It is about the same length of time. The interactions are different, of course! Whatever stage of life your kids are in, I am documenting the relationship between you, and you are investing your time in the love of your family.