Larkin Small Photography | FAQ how to be photogenic



When I'm at a party, and someone tells me how they "aren't photogenic" I love saying "Yes you are! You just haven’t had a good photo taken yet!"

My favorite client is the person who thinks he or she is not photogenic, or who does not enjoy having their photo taken.

One of my clients was a bit late for our family session... I found out later that her husband had been SO reluctant to have his photo taken, he made the whole family late! I was also told later, that he said the session had been the least painful photography experience he's ever had!

I specialize in creating an easy and warm session for people who have 120% more fun than you think is possible! During any photo session, whether family, infant, or portrait, I give you the gift of being yourself.

This is especially great for Dads & Moms who are reluctant to book a family session for these reasons; they often find it is the best part of their day!

I always see the beauty in you. I believe in discovering the essential spark that is unique to every human being.

During a photo session, I coach you into relaxing for me and just being yourself: that natural moment is where the magic happens. When we work together, I will fall in love with you, your family, your kids: a few sparkling seconds stretch out from the essence of your inner being, and in that moment, I will create an image that captures who you are.

Believe me: We will have fun, and you will look like your very best self! I will capture it.