Larkin Small Photography | Meet Larkin


Welcome in!

Wanna know what makes this whole thing tick?

I believe in Magic.

"Magic" is Connection.

Connection is the love that we feel for each other, and sharing it.

I am in love with the connection between me and you and your family.

It sparks in our first conversation, is created and woven through our time together,

and is captured with the click of my shutter button.

I love making magic for you.

Love, Camera, Magic! Larkin & her favorite person in the whole wide world.

I live with my favorite person in the whole wide world, 

in the  of the Mission District in San Francisco.

The breadth of the human condition I see as I walk the streets keeps me humble, hard working. 

The love, ambition, and creative forces driving the people in this city

energize and inspire me to make loving connections

by creating intimate, cherished art.

I'd love to do that for you.


I can't wait to hear all about you.

Give me a call at (510) 421-1952 and I'll see you soon.

Let's Make Some Magic.