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Use & Terms of Service Agreement for Clients of Larkin Small Photography



A deposit is required to book and hold your time. The balance is due three days before the day of service. If the balance has not been received one day before the day of service, and no 24-hour of cancellation has been served by the Client to Larkin Small Photography, The Photographer will contact The Client as a gentle reminder, and to offer a session reschedule.

Our Time Is Precious: Client Cancellations & Re-Scheduling:

For all photography sessions, 24-hour notice is required in order to re-schedule a photography session. 

Deposits are non-refundable, and one reschedule is allowed per deposit, with the exception of Newborn & Infant Sessions, given 24-hour notice to Larkin Small Photography. 

Please give 24 hour notice of your need to reschedule by telephone, voicemail, text, or email. All four methods of communicating at once are also fine! :)

In the case that a client must reschedule more than one time, the deposit is considered forfeit, and must be made again in order to secure a booking time.

Newborn Session Scheduling:

For all newborn sessions, Larkin Small Photography will reach out to the scheduling family member in order to coordinate the photography session, marking the due date as the booking time. Understanding that babies arrive on their own schedule, please simply inform Larkin Small Photography once the baby has arrived, and we will move your photo session to a date within 1-3 weeks of birth. 

Newborns & Infants Get Sick!

In the case that your baby comes down with a little bug upon entering this new world, please inform Larkin Small Photography as soon as you are aware of your infant's illness, and we will reschedule to a time when gooey eyes are cleared up or a runny nose is gone!


Copyright of all images created in a photography session belongs to Larkin Small Photography, as per United States law, and no other copyright shall be assumed unless explicitly contracted with a client. Work shall not be deemed as work for hire. Printing rights are reserved to Larkin Small Photography. No license for sale of images by Client is issued upon release of final version images to Client.

Larkin Small Photography may use any and all photographs obtained in any photography session for business and portfolio purposes, including, but not limited to: marketing collateral, portfolio display, and distribution on social media. Should a Client prefer a photography session to remain private, please contact Larkin Small Photography in writing before the session takes place. Larkin Small Photography is happy to accomodate requests for privacy.


Larkin Small Photography does not assume any risk or liability due to the use of this website or the information contained herein.

Terms of Service:

Any Client's use of this website, or purchase of a photography session from Larkin Small Photography assumes full knowledge and consent of all of the items stated herein.