Larkin Small Photography | FAQ: Wardrobe


Preparing For Your Session:

I often get asked "what should I wear?"

The best answer is: Whatever makes you feel happy and joyous when you put it on! It's great to have fun with your wardrobe as it's a fun expression of your personality! 

Plainly put: Be Yourself!

Secondly, bright, solid colors with minimal white look great. If you are booking a family shoot, avoiding tops (blouses, dresses, or shirts) in either white or black is ideal.

Dresses and skirts always make a statement, especially when they have a notable silhouette!

Many families like to weave a common visual element through their photographs with similar colors, textures, fabrics, or details. Dressing in jewel-tones, wearing a common item like plaid shirts or cowboy boots, and riffing on a theme aesthetic is great!










When booking a newborn or infant session at home or out of doors, a great visual element to consider are the blankets we sit or lay the baby on: matching a tone or a hue from your baby's heirloom can be a beautiful nod to family life.

Finally, there's no doubt that your clothing is a big part of the photo, but ultimately, it's best to relax and wear the clothes you feel the best in, and which delight you.